Inaugural Lectures By Staff Of The Department

S/No Name Date Title Lecture Series No
1 Prof G.R. Howat 30th Nov, 1971 Not By Bread Alone 1st
2 Prof J.B.Fashakin 14th July, 1998 The Young Shall Grow If ….. 126th
3 Prof A. O. Ogunsua 27th June, 2000 Biochemist’s Adventure Into The Processing And Preservation Of Foods 141st
4 Prof E. Balogh 14th Nov, 2000 On The Road To Biotechnology 147st
5 Prof T. O. Omobuwajo 28th Sept, 2010 Voyage Of Global Discovery Via The Food Engineering Pathway 232st
6 Prof K.A. Taiwo 23rd Oct, 2012 Food women and technology: That we may eat and be satisfied 251st