Akanbi, Charles Taiwo


1. Thesis/Dissertation

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(ii) Akanbi, C. T. (1982). Influence of surface finish on cleanability of stainless steel. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Reading. Reading, UK.

(iii) Akanbi, C. T. (1985). Interrelation between composition, processing, method of moisture determination and measured water content of foods. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Leeds, Leeds. UK.

2. Books/Monographs

(a) Books:
Ogedengbe, M. O., Akanbi, C. T., Oladepo, K. T. and Adewumi, I. K. (1998). Technical Report Writing, Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Ltd., Ibadan.

(b) Monographs – Nil

3a. Published Articles

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Papers Peripheral to the Area of Focus / Discipline

(xxx) Nathaniel, I.T., Oladimeji, O.and Akanbi, C. T. (1997). Oil Spills: Ecological damage on Nigeria’s Marine Environment. Book of Readings Education and Sustainable National Development (ed. Kobiowu,S. A.), p. 56-62.
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b) Published Refereed Conference Proceedings: (Numbering continuous with 3(a); format surname, initials, title in proceedings …., dates, venue, publisher, city, Pp. )

(xxxii) Akanbi, C. T., Olumese, A. O., Taiwo, K. A., Ojo, A. and Akinwande, B. A. (2003). Effect of Blanching Medium on Drying and Storage Characteristics of Pepper. Proceedings of the 1st Nigerian Drying Symposium, 21-23 October 2003,UNIPORT, Port Harcourt, 95 – 107.

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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication (numbering continuous with 3(a) and 3(b)

Other Publications (Papers Peripheral to the Area of Discipline)

(xxxv) Nathaniel, I. T., Oladimeji, O. and Akanbi, C. T. (1998). Biodiversity surveys of the Macrobenthic community of an oil drilling environment in the marine nature of the South Eastern Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Ecology.
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Published Non-refereed Conference proceeding (numbering and format as in 3b)

(xxxvii) Akanbi, C. T. and Adeyemi, I. A. (1986). The potentials of food canning as a cottage industry. National Workshop on “Food Preservation and Packaging” organised by Northern Chapter, NIFST, Kaduna, 28th-30th May, 1986, 71-80.
(xxxviii) Akanbi, C. T. and Adeyemi, I. A. (1989). Technical management of a small scale food processing business. Proceedings of the 4th Annual Symposium, Western Chapter, NIFST, pp. 53-61.

Published Articles continued

(xxxix) Adeola, A. A., Ogunjemilusi, M. A. and Akanbi, C. T. (2012). Effects of carrot pomace on the chemical and sensory attributes of Ogi, a Nigerian fermented food. Nigerian Journal of Nutritional Science, Vol. 33 (2), 25-30.
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Publication arising from supervision (Master of Business Administration) of a project on Quantitative Analysis

(lii) Esan, O. T., Akanbi, C. T., Esan, O., Fajobi, O. and Ikenebomeh, P. (2016). Application of quantitative techniques in decision making by healthcare managers and administrators in Nigerian public tertiary health institutions. Health Services Management Reaseach, Vol. 29(3), 50 – 61. DOI:10.1177/0951484816662490.

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